What We Do

Value Proposition:

Together we have 80+ years of combined experience in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, business development, and providing consulting and trusted-advisory services that have demonstrably helped clients build their businesses. These are some of the unique approaches we bring to the table to deliver growth:

• Improving the psychological dimension of resilience that is so often overlooked in individual and organizational development processes.
• Creating and building growth-based ecosystems in which entrepreneurs, startup companies and developing companies increase growth dramatically
• Leveraging assessment tools to diagnose opportunities, and develop alternative strategies for delivering business growth
• Identifying and breaking down the barriers to success to “turbocharge” growth
• Building networks that provide clients with resources, capital, talent, and new business models
• Developing and implementing best practices for building value-add partnerships that accelerate business growth
• Custom designing, tailoring and delivering training programs that provide know-how, and new competencies
• Providing a bench of experts who can be brought in just-in-time to capture opportunities (avoiding unnecessary overhead expenses)


• Diagnostic tools to identify high growth competitive advantage, exploring Product/Service, Process, Technology, Management, Governance, Strategic Alliances, Sales (go-to-market) Strategies and Capital Raising.
• Network analysis and consulting for identifying and capturing resources, partners, opportunities
• Team and individualized coaching and mentoring
• Mixed mode training: e.g., classroom/face-to-face, online technology, one-on-one and self-study
• Flexible and varied program design that ensures a high percentage of program completion by participants and organizations
• Progress tracking against pre-defined metrics


• Sustainable long-term growth
• Increased personal resilience
• Dramatic improvement in capability to cope with and overcome obstacles
• Higher motivation and inspired mindset
• New branding of individuals and the business
• Higher confidence in future business results by investors, partners, customers and employees


• VCs, Angels, Seed Funders
• Regional Government Agencies
• Chambers of Commerce
• Service Firms (e.g.: Law and Accounting Firms)
• Entrepreneurs
• Established Companies
• Incubators